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    Maqui Drink 100% STEVIA

    Aids weight loss with multiple
    health benefits, very low on calories.

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    Strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems,
    neutralizes free radicals and increases your energy levels.

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Ancestral Maqui Drink is present in the best restaurants and cafés of Santiago and all Chile.


Ancestral Maqui Drink is ideal for physical activities summing maqui's antioxidant benefits.

Beauty and Well Being

Ancestral Maqui Drink is AntiAge neutralizing free radicals and the aging process.

Refreshing and Delicious

Ancestral Maqui Drink out stands for it's maqui berry flavor, original, unique and 100% Chilean.

Ancestral Maqui Drink, many have already tried it! And recommend it.

Ancestral maqui drink is created with 100% Chilean maqui, a native berry from the south of chile that out stands by its ancestral healing characteristics and it's considered a "super food" in the rest of the world availed by national and international scientific studies. Up ahead our media news:

Our Maqui Invention, development and innovation

Focalized in innovation we are pioneers in the used of stevia and maqui.

We work only first quality products, giving ancestral maqui drink the premium character .

Ancestral maqui drink has a rigorous quality control taken to analysis by well known chilean institutes like INTA, Analab, Dictuc and Fundación Chile.

Our maqui, that grows only in Chile, is a product of national pride and only of its class.

We work with organic maqui concentrate from the south of Chile with all the market certifications.

It's original flavor reminds us of ancestral flavors from the Mapuche and a touch of the south of Chile.

Prevents the premature aging of the skin due to pollution, an unhealthy diet, UV ray exposition, etc.

Helps maintain uncloged arteries, fights free radicals that oxidizes LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Combats diabetes lowering glicimic level. Protects the neurons from the neurodegenerative process helping control Alzheimer's.

We are preparing our exportations of Maqui Sugar and Maqui Stevia to Europe, Asia and the United States.

We count with a specialized team in Ecomex to achieved every delivery in a safe, fast and trusty way.

Ancestral maqui drink counts with every certification, national and international, due to first category providers and products.

"Super Fruit" Antioxidant Power

ORAC Table capacity x1000 (capacity of oxygen free radical absorption)


Maqui Concentrate

94,5% Complete (success)


Maqui Juices

82% Complete (success)


Acai Berry

30% Complete (success)



11% Complete (success)



6% Complete (success)

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Stock and Durability

Ancestral Maqui Drink is designed to last 12 months or more. The dispatch format for wholesale are 24 thermoformed unit trays.

  • Two variants Stevia and Sugar
  • Prolonged lifespan
  • Continual and programmed stock

Chilean Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ancestral maqui drink is a 100% Chilean beverage which has undertaken with effort and much confidence in its commercial value. Today, not only do we count with the first "healthy and natural" beverage in the market but we also have created the first 100% stevia beverage in Chile. Our innovating vision doesn't end there, we await new products for the year 2015.


One of the principle characteristics of ancestral maqui drink is its premium quality, not only in its elaboration process but also in the resources and materials used for its packaging. We count with the finest quality of organic maqui concentrate and the highest quality stevia, aside from the analysis and corresponding certifications. Not only is it a healthy and natural product, with a great sum of antioxidants, but it is greatly done.

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